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Process-reliable, low maintenance, plug and play installation, as well as a compact design ensure smooth installation with just three power lines. High-precision valve switching. Black brushed aluminum valve block.

G1 by Grinds 5 Gallon Tank 2 Compressor 59DB Management Kit

  • The G1 system is delivered in a high-quality magnetic
    box and foam inserts

    5 Gallon black tank

    2 Compressors 

    Valve block with 6x1 / 4 internal thread (1xoutlet 4xTo damper system 1xinlet)

    Controller with 6m clinker cable 

    Optionally in 6 or 8mm system


    18m hose 

    Fuse holder / electronics accessories up to 6m ignition plus and 10qmm2 permanent positive lead 

    Water separator black powder-coated and made of high-strength aluminum ¼ auto. Drainage and low maintenance

    Pressure sensor in the valve block

    Installation instructions as well as operating manual in German / English 

    safety valve 

    tube cutter 

    200 amp relay + 70 amp glass fuse
    Pneumatic listing :
    1x drain cock / tap 1/4 material: brass
    1x blind plug 1/4 material: brass nickel-plated
    1x safety valve 1/4 material: brass
    2x 90 ° fitting 1/4) material: brass nickel-plated
    4x straight Connector: nickel-plated brass

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