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A new chapter of Grinds begins

In the area of air suspension control, Grinds presents you the latest and most innovative air management system available on the market.

-Improved valve technology, twice as fast as its predecessor!

-New functions in the area of safety

-A noble design and high-quality black brushed aluminum housing on the control panel.

Thanks to the height sensor technology, you can now rely on even more precision with grinds. As in the menu to control the sensor check to fine-tune and adjust the system. We strive for precise control.

Integrated Bluetooth technology for controlling with a smartphone, simplifies handling and makes it child's play. Supports IOS and Android systems.

The new innovation Speedcontrol, whereby the valve unit detects the smallest bumps and makes the system no longer operable. Another feature was implemented in the area of safety and legalization in road traffic.

As you can see, safety has top priority with the new Grinds control and rounds off the system completely with the integrated pressure loss warning buzzer. Minimum and maximum pressure setting can be quickly and easily adjusted in the menu navigation.

The new control also shows a battery status display

The valve block also has an elegantly processed housing, equipped with an illuminated Grinds emblem for every eye-catcher!

We can now have trilingual menu navigation in German, English and Spanish.

In the future, pressure units can still be changed to BAR and PSI.

Supplied tested accessories, such as the 200A relay, guarantee no additional costs for putting a second compressor into operation.

Long-tested screw fittings now prevent pressure loss and ensure better success in the installation, as well as new electronics accessories with the Plug Connect plug guarantee you a faster installation!

Thanks to the vertical 1/4 internal thread, the valve block can be integrated even more easily into your hardline expansion

Features of the new Grinds control:

-2 inlets 2 outlets thus faster

- Twice as fast and more precise than its predecessor

-Speedcontrol locks after 10 seconds. the control to get it StVzo compliant.

Warning buzzer adjustable in the controller for max & min pressure

Upgrade to height sensors
Grinds logo on the valve block illuminated in LED white, perfect for your show expansion

Selectable pressure unit BAR PSI
Bluetooth integrated for mobile phone use

Kit content: 

-The Grinds control is delivered in a high-quality 

magnet box and foam inserts -Tank connection fittings complete kit included

Valve block with 8x1 / 4 internal thread (1x outlet 4x to the damper system 1x inlet)
-Controller with clinker cable 6m 

-Optionally in 6 or 8mm
1/4 and 3/8  system
-2x silencer 

-18m polyamide cable
-Fuse holder / electronics accessories up to 6m ignition plus and 10qmm2 permanent  

positive lead -1m ground lead in 10qmm2

-Water separator black powder-coated made of high-strength aluminum, manual drainage and low maintenance. Optional electronic water separator.
-Pressure sensor integrated in the valve block
-Installation instructions as well as operating booklet in German / English 

-Safety valve 

-Tube cutter 

-200Ampere relays + 70Ampere glass fuse 

Pneumatics  listing :

1x blind plug 1/4 material: brass nickel-plated 
1x safety valve 1/4 material: brass 
4x 90 ° fitting 1/4) material: brass nickel-plated 
4x straight connectors: brass nickel-plated

Grinds Management Gp 2.5 Gallon Tank 1 480x Compressor Management Kit

  • The G1 system is delivered in a high-quality magnetic
    box and foam inserts

    2.5 Gallon tank

    1 Compressor

    Valve block with 6x1 / 4 internal thread (1xoutlet 4xTo damper system 1xinlet)

    Controller with 6m clinker cable 

    Optionally in 6 or 8mm system


    18m hose 

    Fuse holder / electronics accessories up to 6m ignition plus and 10qmm2 permanent positive lead 

    Water separator black powder-coated and made of high-strength aluminum ¼ auto. Drainage and low maintenance

    Pressure sensor in the valve block

    Installation instructions as well as operating manual in German / English 

    safety valve 

    tube cutter 

    200 amp relay + 70 amp glass fuse
    Pneumatic listing :
    1x drain cock / tap 1/4 material: brass
    1x blind plug 1/4 material: brass nickel-plated
    1x safety valve 1/4 material: brass
    2x 90 ° fitting 1/4) material: brass nickel-plated
    4x straight Connector: nickel-plated brass

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